Women sex Central African Republic

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The year was turbulent for the entire world.

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From high stake elections to a global pandemic, much change has occurred in a short amount of time. Recent lockdowns and socioeconomic turmoil have resulted in a sharp uptick in sexual violence and femicide across several African states. Experts attributed a large of said cases to mandatory curfews.

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Besides having the rank of one of the least healthy and developed nations, the CAR ranks second highest for gender inequality globally. According to the U. Sincethe CAR has reached out to donors and international organizations such as the U. These hearings focused on recent abuses and acts of extreme violence, especially those targeting women.

The attendees were a series of international organizations such as U. Women and representatives from over 15 countries.

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The Secretary-General of the U. Although the U. For instance, rape victims in the CAR have little to no legal avenues to seek out reparations or any form of justice. Moreover, as the military conflict continues to destabilize the country, more and more women and young girls become victims of sex slavery and weaponized rape. Women in rural villages are primarily targeted, as rape is a psychological tactic in violent conflict. Many experts have argued that a specialized court dealing with said sexual crimes against women would be extremely effective at delivering justice.

For instance, whistleblowing procedures should be put in place to protect aid workers who report sexual assault cases and violence amongst vulnerable populations.

Blood Diamonds and Religious War In The Central African Republic

SOFEPADI, a Congolese NGO, has argued that development agencies need to better coordinate with each other to assist women caught in conflict and appoint women to positions of power within their organizations. However, another reform that the Central African Republic should consider is creating more economic development zones for marginalized peoples, such as women.

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At a recent U. Blog - Latest News. Persisting Challenges Although the U.

Women sex Central African Republic

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