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Talk about a year. A record hurricane season, renewed focus on the Arctic and counternarcotics, vessel construction, even greater emphasis on professional development, COVID, and a continued focus on diversity efforts—the U. Coast Guard saw a little bit of everything in In it all, the common denominator was people. The Coast Guard would not have been able to continually answer the call if not for its service men and women. The new Tech Revolution Road Map, unveiled in February by Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Karl Schultz during his State of the Coast Guard address, is a five-pronged strategy addressing cutter connectivity, C5I infrastructure modernization, cyber readiness, software, mobility and cloud, and data for decisions.

The Polar Star created an ice channel to McMurdo Station, escorting three critical supply ships, and conducted three Antarctic Treaty Wives seeking men Alameda USCG California over four days in February. The icebreaker embarked a t inspection team consisting of personnel from the U. This was the 15th U. The inspections helped ensure foreign compliance with the treaty.

Shifting to the Northern Hemisphere, the Polar Star began an Arctic deployment in Novemberreaching a historic winter latitude. The Polar Star crew conducted various scientific research initiatives throughout the deployment, including deploying four ice buoys in support of a scientific partnership with the University of Washington and the Office of Naval Research. They also launched multiple sensors to examine Arctic waters in support of the National Science Foundation and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Init included participation from the U. Alongside the U. The movements were a success, and all countries involved gained critical insights from each other. Following Argus, the Campbell remained in the area for another five weeks conducting t exchanges with the Danish Navy and testing communication equipment and new technology from the Coast Guard Research and Development Center.

But perhaps the most notable Arctic engagement of the year occurred when the Campbell was pierside in Nuuk, Greenland. In a diner, Seaman Katlin Kilroy noticed a gentleman sitting alone and bought him dinner. A conversation followed, and in the coming days, Kielsen visited the Campbell and gave her commanding officer, Captain Thomas Crane, a tour of Nuuk.

Following that interdiction, the Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron crew and a separate cutter boarding team were vectored to another go-fast vessel with five people on board. After the helicopter crew disabled the go-fast, a Vigilant boarding team arrived on scene and recovered 45 additional bales approximately 2, pounds of cocaine and detained five more suspects.

The nine people involved will be prosecuted by a U. If IUU fishing continues unchecked, we can expect deterioration of fragile coastal States and increased tension among foreign-fishing Nations, threatening geo-political stability around the world. IUU fishing undermines the sustainable management of these resources. Combating IUU fishing is essential to global maritime security, regional stability, and economic prosperity across the world.

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The fleets engaged in IUU fishing often are heavily subsidized by their home countries and exploit gaps in governance. The operation focused on gathering evidence to support IUU fishing network analysis and disruption and sharing that information with regional partners. Intropical storms and hurricanes exhausted the standard alphabetical list of names, and the Greek alphabet kicked in. During the 25th named storm, Hurricane Delta, Petty Officer Second Class David Reynolds and crew received a call for help from a shrimp trawler with four adults, two infants, and three dogs on board.

Despite 46 mile per hour winds—34 is the limit to get underway—Reynolds and crew launched their foot response boat—medium. Leaning on their years of experience, they made the minute transit, skillfully negotiating the strong winds and seas. Two Coast Guard helicopters overhead had deployed rescue swimmers, but the air and boat crews agreed it was safer to hand the infants across to the Coast Guard boat instead of hoisting them to a helicopter.

Reynolds safely maneuvered the boat alongside and transferred all six passengers and the pets on board. He and his crew then navigated back to his home port in Galveston, Texas, to waiting emergency medical services. In addition, the U. The exercise included maritime interdiction operations 15 nautical miles off Puerto Chiapas, Mexico. This important, visible international effort tested the evolution of law enforcement and intelligence sharing and response.

The primary objective was to fully use the NAMSI communications plan to enable and enhance operations between command centers and deployed assets.

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The exercise is laying the groundwork for Canada, Mexico, and the United States to coordinate interdictions in the future. To add more realism to the exercise, t Interagency Task Force—South provided two unique maritime interdiction events involving Mexican-flagged and stateless vessels. Coast Guard law enforcement detachment teams.

This was the first time the Coast Guard Pacific Area conducted shipboard helicopter landings with a Mexican aircraft. Evaluators and observers from the U. Coast Guard, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras were embedded on board 13 operational assets and five command centers during the exercise.

The exercise provided an opportunity to identify best interoperability practices, as well as areas where procedures could be enhanced and refined to further support t multinational operations.

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A review of Coast Guard international engagements would be incomplete without highlighting the Rim of the Pacific RimPac exercise. Despite a challenging COVID environment, RimPac drew 22 surface ships, one submarine, and multiple aircraft representing ten countries, for a combined t force of more than 5, shoreside and at-sea personnel. The Munro operated in the vicinity of the Hawaiian Islands with an embarked U.

Navy helicopter. She conducted 29 exercises throughout the event, increasing interoperability and goodwill between the U. Coast Guard, Department of Defense, and all partner nations. On the morning of 4 December, multiple state and local agencies responded to reports of a large fire at Toledo Beach Marina in LaSalle, Michigan. A storage and maintenance building that housed hundreds of boats and other hazardous materials was engulfed in flames.

Local fire departments battled the fire throughout the day, and the Environmental Protection Agency EPA took the lead on the environmental response. The Coast Guard and EPA incident commanders needed to contain the hazardous materials and a large smoke plume moving northeast over Lake Erie. For the next two days, each pilot flew multiple sorties, providing valuable real-time imagery and localized live video feeds for incident command staff and support personnel.

In addition, the SR-UASs provided much-improved visibility of remote and otherwise inaccessible areas. This real-time situational awareness proved beneficial to senior staff and maritime environmental experts and yielded ificant resource savings by eliminating the need for traditional manned aircraft. The foot OPC will provide a capability bridge between the foot national security cutter, which patrols the open ocean in the most demanding maritime environments, and the foot fast-response cutter, which serves closer to shore.

The OPC will feature state-of-the-market technology and will replace the foot and foot medium-endurance cutters, which are between 30 and 50 years old and increasingly expensive to maintain and operate. Construction of the first unit is planned to begin inwith delivery slated for In Julythe Coast Guard released a request for information seeking industry review and input in advance of a planned procurement of polar landing craft that will support PSC operations.

The service also has continued construction and commissioning of its foot Sentinel-class fast-response cutters. On 22 September, the service exercised a contract option for four more FRCs. We owe it to our nation, and ourselves, to create a Coast Guard where everyone can contribute the full power of their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and thoughts.

The action plan includes three lines of effort: developing diversity and inclusion acumen; strengthening leadership awareness and ability; and building and maintaining an inclusive total workforce. Nevertheless, on 11 and 12 November, several crew members began developing COVID symptoms and were administered a rapid test.

Eleven crew members tested positive. While those 11 and their close contacts were quarantined, the Stratton crew began the transit home. Our mission today is to get healthy so we can continue our service to the nation. Albert and Workman were instrumental in planning and facilitating the transfer of patients from Wives seeking men Alameda USCG California overwhelmed Queens hospital. Using two different commercial products, the center explored application within the District 14 Hawaii area of responsibility. Finally, saw the implementation of a new program that has been a long time coming: the Meritorious Advancement Program.

The program provides a way for Coast Guard leaders to recognize and promote truly exceptional enlisted members. The program applies to active and reserve members.

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Embassy in the Philippines, 9 March DiRenzo and Mr. Boyd both are retired Coast Guard officers and long-time Proceedings authors. Boyd is a doctoral student. David Boyd is a longtime contributor to Proceedings and a retired Coast Guard officer. He is a doctoral candidate. The Coast Guard saw a little bit of everything inincluding renewed focus on the Arctic.

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Coast Guard in Review. Annual Review. View Issue.

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Joe DiRenzo. David Boyd. Related Articles. The Coast Guard faced a of ificant events in —from a day government shutdown to interdicting semisubmersibles to Hurricane Dorian. The U. The past year has been one of the busiest in Coast Guard history. Coast Guard.

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