Wife wants me to fuck a stranger

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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. During an evening of clubbing, my gorgeous wife of one year, age 20, was touchy-feely with a young attractive female who danced with us. I suggested facetiously that we should consider a threesome. Little did I know she was serious! My wife disagrees.

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She wants me to have intercourse with this stranger in her presence! Despite our age gap, we have great chemistry. I foresee a lifelong blissful relationship with her, including having children in the near future. I think the aftermath will severely damage the sacred trust and unbreakable bond that we share. I believe that these things are best left in fantasyland. What should I do? She wants erotic excitement and dismisses your concerns for marital trust and bonding. But I go to the gym and dress to look as pretty as possible.

Men who appear nice online can be cruel in person.

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Dating sites attract a lot of superficial jerks, among both men and women. Yet some people still have dates and fun times, largely because they believe they will. Boost your own best qualities, including your height.

How to Have Sex with Strangers - Asking 100 Girls for Sex in Vegas (GONE RIGHT) - Social Experiment

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Wife wants me to fuck a stranger

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