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I was the middle kid of three having a brother three years older and a sister four years younger. By the time I was 16, and my sister would have been 12, our older brother had left home to go to university.

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Around this time our parents always went out dancing on a Saturday evening leaving me to look after my sister. These evenings were generally spent watching TV or playing games such as Blackjack. However, on this particular evening, no sooner had our parents left the house when my sister suddenly asked if she could watch me having a wank. I must admit I was really taken aback by this and I answered by saying something like 'no you can't as I don't do that sort of thing. When I asked how she knew this she explained that her best friend had caught her older brother 'in the act' and he had said that it was only natural and it was something that all boys did.

So she had concluded that I must masturbate also.

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I admitted that OK maybe I did masturbate but she still couldn't watch as it was something very private. The next hour or so was spent by my sister pestering me to let her 'watch me having a wank' as she kept describing it, and that she wouldn't tell anyone else about it, and that it would still be private as only the two of us would know about it, etc. It then occurred to me that perhaps I could get something out of this, after all I must admit that it hadn't escaped my notice that my year-old sister was nicely developing into a grown woman with reasonable size tits, nice round ass and hips just starting to form.

So I thought what the hell, why not go for it. One way of doing this would be if I could see you naked, so if you took all your clothes off then I'd let you watch me having a wank - do we have a deal?

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Before long we were both naked, I had never seen a girl naked before apart from pictures in porn mags and she looked fantastic. Her bare tits seemed even bigger than when she was clothed and she had a fair amount of pubic hair.

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I had a raging hard on from seeing my naked sister and she couldn't take her eyes off it. We sat opposite each other on the bed, fortunately for me my sister sat cross legged which gave me a fantastic Watch me masturbate tonight of her slit, and I said 'Ok, here goes' and started to stroke my cock. I felt very self conscious at first, it just seemed such a surreal experience, sat masturbating in front of my naked sister. In the past I always made sure that when I masturbated there was absolutely no chance of anyone seeing what I was doing and here I was blatantly stroking my cock with my sister sat a few feet away watching.

It wasn't long before my self consciousness evaporated and in what seemed like no time at all I was spraying copious amounts of cum over my stomach and leg accompanied by squeals of delight from my sister. After I'd cleaned myself up with the towel I said 'Ok, what about you? She blushed and said rather shyly 'no'. I just looked at her and raised my eyebrows and she then said 'well Ok' and went on to explain that sometimes if she thought of rude things she got this feeling 'down there' and felt she had to rub it but nothing ever really happened and if she thought of something else the feeling eventually went away.

I asked her if she had the feeling now to which she just nodded her head.

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Can I touch you down there'. By way of agreement she smiled and spread her legs and I reached out and started to rub her slit with my finger, it was wonderfully warm and very wet. I managed to find her clitoris years of studying pictures in porn mags finally paid off!

This gave me the room to finger her hole with my other hand, however being an inexperienced year-old, try as I might I couldn't get her to cum, I obviously just wasn't pushing the right buttons. However she did get very turned on and said that she had really enjoyed the experience. Over the next 12 months or so this became quite a regular Saturday night thing between us and after the third or fourth time I did finally manage to bring my sister to an explosive orgasm.

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I was really pleased about this as I would often cum twice during these evenings and I was worried that she was getting more and more frustrated by not being able to cum. Eventually I got myself a steady girlfriend and was having sex with her on a regular basis and our Saturday night sibling masturbation sessions came to an end - we never spoke about it, we just sort of stopped doing it. Before this however there was one other experience that happened during one of the school holidays. Our parents both worked and during the school holidays it was down to me to keep an eye on my sister.

This usually wasn't a problem as she often had her best friend round and they spent most of the time in her room and I would have a mate round and we would play video games or watch TV. On this particular day I didn't have anyone coming around so I decided to sleep in for a while. My sister was already up as her friend the one who had caught her brother masturbating as I later discovered was coming round. As I lay in bed, trying to decide if I should get up or not, I was aware of lots of giggling from outside Watch me masturbate tonight my bedroom door.

Suddenly the bedroom door flew open and in came my sister and her friend both naked. I just laid there, eyes wide, wondering what was going on when next thing the bed covers were thrown off, my boxers were down round my knees and both girls had their hands on my cock and balls.

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I didn't know what to do, I was completely gob smacked, should I shout at them to get out of my room, should I try to cover myself up? After I had got over the initial shock it was starting to feel rather good so I let them carry on.

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Before long my cock was rock hard and I realised my sister was showing her friend how to make me cum. With two naked girls playing with me like this I was shooting streams of cum over their hands and over my stomach in no time at all. After I'd regained my composure I was demanding to know what the hell that was all about. I wasn't really angry, just shocked. My sister explained that her friend had wanted to watch her brother masturbate ever since she had caught him as she was really desperate to see a boy ejaculate, but he consistently refused. Apparently my sister had told her friend about our Saturday evening goings on, even though she had told me she wouldn't tell anyone.

She went on to explain that they had hatched this plot because they didn't think I would have agreed if asked and that they hoped I didn't really mind and wasn't too angry with them. I told them I wasn't angry but they should have really asked first.

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After we'd sorted all that out I had the pleasure of bringing both girls to an orgasm in turn whilst the other watched and then my sisters' friend stroked me to another orgasm. What an amazing school holiday that turned out to be. Copyright SMI-Help.

Watch me masturbate tonight

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