Want to fuck Kellogg

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Hes weak. Coursers too. My Courier is a fucking death machine. I'm fully aware that there is no ethical consumption etc but it is stressful to believe in these causes and to also panic that the cereal I'm currently relying on for two 'meals' a day to function is now 1. Ashxbzuzjs Yeah, I mean, that's basically it lmao.

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She's got shit to DO, god damn it! She doesn't have time to just sit there when she could be doing literally anything else. If she wants something done, then she's just gonna have to do it her own damn self. Is no one complaining on how high toucan sam is now?

Fallout 4 - \

F in chat for toucan sam. I think it'd be great if when the memory den puts you into the memory of people you get to see their memories from their perspective and play them out mostly because I'd love for the sole survivor to feel what it is like to be killed through kellogg's eyes.

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Got some new cereal today, tastes like eating fuckin- fruity pebbles and cool ranch doritos. I'm just.

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa He loved her so much : So proud of his lawyer wife And she was proud of her strong husband ofc And then fucking kelloggs cornflakes comes along. But I think they'd be more stand-offish about it, like they're not gonna get into a pissing match or argue the second they see each other, like Butch and Danse would.

More of a "Gage. But they'll also be the ones off to the side if something is going on with the others, silently judging as they light up a cigarette.

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They're the two strangers in public who momentarily bond over the fact they're both watching someone else do something absolutely batshit wild, and look at each other and agree that yes, this shit it fucking ridiculous. They may not like each other, or agree on hardly anything when it comes to morals and opinions, but damn is it nice to have someone watching shit go down with you that also understands how TiredTM and exasperated you are with it, who will also wholeheartedly roast anyone involved. And they end up getting along to a degree eventually, but they'll never be "friends".

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I didn't want to derail a post but i do want to mouth off about Dr. Kellogg who invented his damn corn flakes because he thought a bland food would reduce the sex drive of the "undesirables" locked up in his sanitarium, because he was a massive eugenicist assblister. Kellogg thought that both racial mixing and "mental defectives" eg us crazies, and developmentally disabled people and uneducated people and probably a lot of women who were just like He advocated for the USA to pass laws to prevent them from having kids Nazis got it from us, if you weren't aware.

He also wanted to set up a breeding registry for people of "good stock" which at least gave me a good laugh.

Want to fuck Kellogg

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