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When we first eased ourselves out of lockdown last year, I optimistically booked tickets to go to a festival in Portugal with a pal this summer. I get a warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach as the sun shines on my face and the beat floods my body.

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But I quickly come back down to reality and the feel-good fire is extinguished. I feel frustrated with myself for teasing such thoughts when they seem like a distant dream.

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The richer the image the more we can trigger positive feelings based on memories of happier times, so tap into your senses and imagine not only what you see but also the smells, sounds, sensations and feelings. It can also send als to your survival brain that you are not helpless or trapped and the current situation is temporary.

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If you find that you become sad, give yourself time to acknowledge this feeling. It can be helpful to remind yourself that all feelings are valid and that sadness is appropriate for the current situation of loss. Explain to yourself that your sadness is a of how much you love the things and people you were imagining.

Can you take a more reasoned view of your thoughts and talk yourself through it? in. You may also like. Focus on what you feel grateful for right now, think about other times your might have felt hopeless or negative and things changed, and connect with someone you trust and share your feelings.

If you do feel sad or frustrated, use your breath to ground you so that you can stay present and comfort yourself. Speak to a friend, wrap yourself up in a blanket, or hug a pet.

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Want some excitment

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