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Being in a relationship can be great, but you know what can be even greater? Being single. So before you meet your man, don matching his and her t-shirts and run off into the sunset together here are some things to check off your single girl to-do list. Dancing on the bar and tripping over your own feet levels of intoxication will do.

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Why do you think most boyfriends take their girls out to dinner so often? Leggings and peplum tops here you come. Hook up with someone purely for their looks The hotter the better. Get the sexy six pack look out of your system now, so you have something to reminisce about when your love life starts drying up.

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Dance around in a circle with all your single girlfriends with your handbags on the floor in the middle, naturally and throw some shapes while every guy goes and gets a drink and bitches about what an awful song it is. Get a new hobby Single people naturally have more time on their hands. Instead of using that time to contemplate how wonderful life would be if you had someone to make out with on a boring Sunday night, do something constructive.

Or not so constructive, whatever. Just do something:. Kiss a stranger Why not? Plus, the downside of being single is not being able to give your lips the much needed exercise they need.

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Think of lip locking a stranger in the corner of a club as the mini gym session your mouth so desperately needs. Go clubbing three days in a row and then pull a sickie on Monday Does it even count as a sickie? Your head hurts and you can barely talk, let alone get out of bed.

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Sounds pretty sick to me. Act like a complete weirdo Why not?

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The first three months of a relationship usually involve trying not to let the guy see what a freak you are, so you might as well let your inner strange out while you can. Make the most of being able to let your strangeness awesomeness run free and you never know, it might even work in your favour. Get to know a promoter. One of the perks of having a boyfriend is having someone to buy your dirty martinis for you. Who needs a man with a credit card when they can have a promoter with free vodka? After all, they say all the best things in life are bad for you.

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So go on, be bad now that you have no one but your friends to judge you. Bad decisions make good stories and what is life without a few lols? If possible please link to my twitter at the end mirandalife. Make sure you up to our database to stay up to date with all of our xclusive events!

In no particular order: 1. Just do something: 7.

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