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Do you remember how she would run her hands through her long, glossy brown hair, or bury them in the pockets of her high-waisted floral denim shorts while shrugging her volleyball shoulders? Do you remember how her Keds flexed as she rose up on tippy-toes to plant an innocent but meaningful kiss on the cheek of Zack Morris, the only boy at Bayside High who ever had a real chance with her?

Saved by the Bell SBTBwhich ran from towas the aesthetic and cultural paragon for the preteen audience of its time. It originally aired on NBC at the end of the Saturday-morning cartoon block, but it had a more impactful second life in syndication. A fever dream of Fiorucci and Billabong apparel, SBTB presented the high school experience to which America then aspired: a peaceable kingdom where jocks and nerds studied side by side. Its characters were archetypes: Zack, the charming huckster; Kelly, his prom-queen love interest; Lisa, the brat; Jessie, the overachiever; Slater, the beefcake; and Screech, the dweeb.

He was cheeky, enterprising, earnest, and romantic—not to mention Slater-CO sex club, high-cheekboned, athletic, and great-looking in a windbreaker. Zack, Kelly, and their giddy mutual attraction gave me a model for romance before I knew I was looking for one.

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But during a recent rewatch, with eyes sharpened by the MeToo movement, I was shaken to my core. I realized that, in every story line where Zack and Kelly are broken up, Kelly dates adult men—often ones who have unambiguous power over her. Most of the goings-on at Bayside High are, to put it mildly, implausible. Nevertheless, the show has a consistent moral code that privileges loyalty, honesty, and ability, and this gives the whole enterprise an edifying thrust.

Wrongdoers are punished; lessons are learned. Whatever Slater-CO sex club Zack pulls, he always ends up coming clean. It left heavy topics like periods, pregnancy, and date rape to other shows, freeing up its characters to experiment without the risk of real-world repercussions. The entire series implied that they, being the cutest guy and the prettiest girl, were meant to be together, so the only way to sustain romantic tension was through a cycle of breakups and reconciliations.

Because Kelly was the prize beauty of Bayside, no other high school boy was good enough for her. There was nowhere for her to go but up. Instead, they were normal, fun dalliances that the entire community knew about, endorsed, and, in some cases, even helped facilitate. Kelly cheats on Zack with Jeff, then, two episodes later, catches Jeff cheating on her—presumably with someone his own age—when the gang sneaks into a club with fake IDs. Belding, I definitely wanna shoot at Bayside.

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The transaction is unmistakable: Zack has pimped Kelly to the movie star on behalf of the principal, and everybody is complicit. Yet Kelly remains passive throughout the relationship. Their romance ends when Johnny passes her a t at a party. In a convoluted plot line involving real estate law, it turns out that Brian is a double agent, using Kelly to manipulate her grandfather.

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Kelly feels like a dolt when the truth comes out, but it never occurred to her or anyone else to wonder why Brian was dating her in the first place. Or rather, no one objected to the obvious reason why he was dating her. Jeff, Johnny, and Brian all commit some trespass against Kelly and the broader community, and they pay for their crimes through exposure and ostracism.

In the ethical Slater-CO sex club that rules SBTBadult men dating a girl who is at most seventeen is a morally neutral act. By the time I entered high school, it was similarly normal for me and my female friends to date adult men. We smoked cigarettes and did drugs, we shopped at thrift stores and record shops, we were smart girls for whom reading Lolita was a status symbol.

All of those things made us unpopular among our peers, or, at least in my case, it was how I took ownership of my unpopularity. We developed a social life separate from our high school, centered around music venues and DIY party houses and the local colleges. They were waiters who snuck us booze at strip-mall chain restaurants, musicians who gave us guitar lessons, college-radio DJs who learned the sound of our voices from the request line.

Sometimes they dated us and met our parents.

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Sometimes they just took our virginities in their dorm rooms or in the cars our parents let us borrow. Were these men predators? We were cute and willing and that was enough; maybe it was enough that we were willing. The Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings, which brought the concept of workplace sexual harassment into the mainstream, were held inthe same year Kelly dated her boss at The Max. Four years later, I learned about oral sex and kink via the Clinton impeachment. We drove around the neighborhood and he looked at my body, explored it with his hands and mouth.

When I recall that encounter now, I feel the same visceral discomfort I did in the Slater-CO sex club. He picked me up from my house. But what he meant, of course, was that I was thirteen, and if I told my parents or the cops, he could be charged with sexual assault. On the contrary, I felt like I had entered a new stage of maturity. At a movie, I coincidentally sat a few rows behind him while he was on a date and spent the duration of the film throwing popcorn at his head. Even better, the movie was American Psycho.

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I acted, in other words, like the child that I was. But nor did I have the sense that there was anything inherently wrong or unseemly in our mutual attraction. How could there be? As he kept reminding me, I had all the power. On her inevitable road to marrying Zack, Kelly made one more major detour.

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The single season that comprises The College Years starts off on safer ground because Kelly is eighteen. She has shed her innocent schoolgirl image, trading florals for a leather jacket and burgundy lipstick. And, as the capstone to this transformation, she dates her anthropology professor, a thirty-two-year-old divorced dad named Jeremiah Lasky.

Zack treats Lasky for what he is: a creepy professor taking advantage of a student. But Zack only cares because that student is Kelly, and he wants Kelly for himself. In her defense, Zack has been lying about his age, the rascal! While Kelly is being used by the lawyer in Hawaii, Zack starts seeing Andrea, a college-age single mother to Jennifer, a four-year-old girl.

One night, we made a big mistake. But both episodes make it clear that the teenage Zack is still just a .

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But for Kelly, girls like Kelly, and girls nothing like Kelly, being available to grown men is considered a part of adolescence. Growing up, I wanted to be like Kelly because she was the one Zack Morris wanted. Actually, I turned out to be more like Jessie Spano: an ambitious and outspoken feminist with curly hair who dates men that can barely keep up with her. But I love it in the way I love my own teenage years, as memories to be laughed over and learned from, not as a time I wish I could revisit. And sometimes I still yearn for that kind of Zack-and-Kelly romance: a magnetic attraction leading, inevitably, to a happily-ever-after conclusion.

Slater-CO sex club

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