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My work is specifically with teenagers, as a high school counselor, and while they typically get a bad reputation for being sassy and not always kind, I have the opportunity to see a different side to them, most days.

I remember clearly the day I walked out of my office on March 16th. We had had school that day, knowing that the country was starting to shut down. My mom has been watching the national news for months, so we knew he panic was coming. I was a school counselor in a large high school in Northwest Arkansas, and the regular things that many teenagers do kinda made me feel a little… Continue reading Are you a helicopter or a lawn mower mama?

Cole and I knew a few months ago that this summer was going to be a little different, and decided to focus on finding the fun in every day.

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Her challenge today, as we work towards creating a monthly budget, which in my life, I also never did, but now do religiously, is to write down your monthly income, after taxes. I love my little old house, but with little old houses comes a lot of little old house problems.

I bought our home a few years ago, and every summer have bought my home something nice…. You are worth all of the energy you give to other people all year long. I have spoken at length about the value of making children feel welcome and heard at their schools, whether they are big kids or little kids, musicians or athletes, math whizzes or brilliant actors.

Love each other well.

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God commands us, repeatedly throughout scripture, to love one another. I have heard many pastors say that love is a verb,… Continue reading Love is a verb. Older posts.

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Single momma no drama

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