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There are no recent bookmarks. Home Artists. One. Share Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin. Lydia Gravis, b. What perpetuates a sense of otherness? Making art is my way of making sense of it all, or rather, the result of my inability to make sense of any of it and my simple desire to respond. Mark making is an empathic activity for me, a way for me to connect to the world around me and the world within me. I create colonies of marks and lines and in my mind they become personified and assume individual behaviors.

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Can I re-write troubling human narratives with them? Can I make them cooperate? As I try to sort out reality, I create a new reality on paper. I eventually relinquish my initial intention of control and it is with this surrender that an unpredictable creative process unfolds. Ultimately driven by a desire for engagement, and sustained by the meditative act of making, I hope to pass on a sense of wonder and resonance to those who view my work.

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Jude Grenney Visual Artist. J GO Gallery showcases emerging and mid career artists with a nod to artwork that reinterprets American western art motifs.

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Olson have a strong commitment to promoting contemporary artists who produce work with strong concepts, technical expertise and aesthetic excellence. We present this work to a contemporary audience through monthly gallery shows, national and international art fairs and off-site exhibitions At J GO gallery, we encourage questions and conversation about our artists and art.

We work to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that builds bridges between the creative work, collectors, and art enthusiasts. We pair it with a depth of art knowledge and exceptional service to encourage more people to enjoy the experience of collecting and owning fine art.

Sex personals UT Cedar valley 84013 Griffin is an art student studying visual arts. She works primarily with oil on canvas. She currently teaches Communication classes at Weber State University. Currently Kayla is exploring her fears of death, dying, and controlling her mental health. She hopes to have a solo show eventually and own a gallery after completing her MFA. I make art because it forces me to confront the aspects of my subconscious that I often force away or fight off. In a sense, my art is a way of addressing my own personal trauma while inviting others to experience my internal struggle to grasp the present and fleeting moments of life.

Brittani Griffiths Visual Artist. I am a small business owner with my mother, and I sell, and commission my art as well. Cary Griffiths Visual Artist. I graduated from East High School in I attended the University of Utah. I began painting early in my life. I experienced some success in my young adult years. I then moved to Reno, NV. In my early twenties one of my paintings was chosen for exhibition in London.

Although I kept painting, I put aside the professional pursuit of art to raise my growing family, working full time as a pipe-fitter and later in my career as a mechanical deer. Two and a half years ago, at age 60, I retired, and have now returned to the full-time pursuit of my art.

In I became a member of Utah Artists. I was the featured artist for September, Upcoming: May 7 — 27, Agora Gallery W. March 25 — April 15 Agora Gallery W. July — Aug. Kristine Groll paints expressive, impressive watercolors. Primarily self-taught, she has enjoyed Sex personals UT Cedar valley 84013 workshops with renowned artists such as Joseph Alleman, Roland Lee, and Oswald Allred.

She is currently in the gallery at Art at the Main and does private commissions. Venessa Gromek is a recent graduate from Weber State University and is originally from the Chicago area. This idea stems from my work in the outdoor industry and my interest in how that industry intersects with the tradition of sublime in the landscape.

The work may resemble a tent, the reality is that these sculptures take the function out of the tent. They do not provide shelter and are in fact impossible to enter. The only similarity the work has to a tent would be the ease in which they are assembled and disassembled, and by sharing comparable functioning parts like tent poles, cam-straps, and eyebolts.

Tent de has advanced drastically in the outdoor industry. While certainly still functional, what used to be simple triangular forms are now turning into complex shapes that are pushing the boundaries of the materials. These inviting recreational tents play a big role in providing the sublime in present day landscapes.

They are light and easy to assemble, which makes searching out the sublime easier. The Hudson River School addressed cultural traditions of experiencing the outdoors. They traveled the American West in search of new expanses of the wilderness. Today, the outdoor industry strives to provide that same level of euphoria.

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They cater to a group of people with the common desire to explore nature. By creating sculptures constructed of tent poles and lace, I am countering the traditionally heavy and masculine sculpture seen in art history. Much like the outdoor industry provides for its customers. Trent Gudmundsen 15 Bytes; Visual Artist. Trent Gudmundsen is a Cache Valley artist who paints a variety of subjects, including figures, interiors and landscapes.

He is an honest seeker of all things inspiring, and captures his subjects with a painterly approach. James Gunter 15 Bytes; Visual Artist. James Gunter paints landscapes and portraits in oil and pastel. His paintings express and explore the peace and grace that can be found in both people and the landscape. Nell Gwynn Actor; Visual Artist. David Habben is an artist, illustrator, and educator, but his favorite titles are husband and father.

Having always loved drawing, he pursued his passion throughout his education.

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For the next eight years, David continued to work as an illustrator and deer, both in-house and freelance. The book intends to show that no matter our circumstance, we can choose to find joy in our journey. David feels lucky every day to be ed in his journey by his wife Anna and their two incredible children, in addition to the wonderful friends and mentors who have shaped his life in remarkable ways.

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Tyler Hackett Visual Artist. I like to think that experiences I have had while living all over the west have had a great influence on my work. I was born and raised in Salt Lake, and am proud to once again be calling Utah home. My current work involves someof the ideas behind knowledge making and information transfer.

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In my paintings and prints I use simplified imagery taken from diagrams, maps, manuals, and textbooks to facilitate an experience for myself and viewers. Through this experience I hope that viewers will come to make connections between ideas to which they have not been accustomed.

Brent Haddock 15 Bytes; Visual Artist. Jeffrey Hale Visual Artist. I have been painting for 10 years exploring mostly abstract figural work. I work in acrylic and oil. At present I work from my home studio in Murray, UT. I am an Artist who grew up doing art ,pursuing artistic endeavors, education and venues. Member of Utah Watercolor Society.

I Participate in plein air events, printmaking, letterpressalso enter in regional shows. Interested in travel and art history. I make an effort to travel as much as possible as it informs and changes me. Will teach workshops, private or group art lessons.

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Will do commission work. Recent shows include the inaugural opening of Draw Inc. Gallery in Salt Lake city. Returning to oil painting after an informative art workshop in Italy. I have a revamped website through FASO kayhale.

Currently employed as a deer, and developing my art career. More info at my website: www. Photographs include elk,moose,bison,birds,landscapes, coyotes, sheep,goats and more. The artist certifies that the image has not been manipulated digitally to improve or alter the content of the image. All images are taken in the wild, not in controlled environments.

His primary focus is to portray wild animals in a respectful manner to better educate the public of their natural surroundings. Your have a specific concept, product or company logo you wish to highlight or illustrate. You require exclusive usage and licensing of an image. We encourage client participation throughout a project and clients are welcome during the photoshoot.

The client may provide final layouts for execution, or may work in collaboration with Michael Hampton in developing them. Production times are scheduled in advance. We offer password-protected online communication for out-of-town clients. Rachel Hancey is a student at the Utah State University, graduating spring of with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree with a studio emphasis in Printmaking.

She has lived all throughout the west and draws inspiration from its vast spaces and ever-changing light.

Sex personals UT Cedar valley 84013

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