Sex clubs in australia

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First Time Swinger Tips. Swinging EXPLAINED!

It is surprisingly simple to find a swinger in Perth. Perhaps the bigger shock is where they spend the rest of their time.

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Take for instance Ben, 46, and Bronwyn, 40, not their real names who met with The Sunday Times at a CBD coffee shop less than two minutes from where they both work as project managers for leading IT and mining firms. It is a normal dinner party or a barbecue. And then suddenly it changes. For Jason and Vicky also pseudonymsan engineer and a relief teacher, swinging began as a way for Vicky to explore her bisexuality.

For both couples, one of the biggest surprises was the calibre of company they soon found themselves enjoying at parties and sex clubs all over Perth. I would describe it as underground, but not underbelly. In truth, even underground may be a bit of a stretch. A lot of business owners, teachers, nurses, lawyers, financial advisers, people in politics.

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Not actual politicians, but certainly people on their staff. When choosing your outfit A sex swing, dance pole, towels, lube and condoms are all provided. But a podcast dedicated to the lifestyle in Australia that is downloaded more than times a week, Swinging Down Underdemonstrates just how widespread it has become. Its married founders Cee, 34, and Dee, 43, began swinging in Sydney inbut have since moved to Singapore where they both work as regional directors.

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They regularly return to Australia, and Perth, to host events and parties attended by scores of couples. We are questioning what we want our lives to look like and not just our careers, but also love and sex.


A big part of the reason they started Swinging Down Under was to combat the rampant negative connotations that abound about the lifestyle. The people you meet are well educated, live very balanced lives and are successful through all walks of life.

They also maintain strict rules and boundaries, and caution that swinging is certainly not for everyone. Jealousy is an unavoidable and constant companion for swingers, although it stems not from the sexual acts, but rather from intimacy, the separation of which lies at the heart of what appeals to couples like Ben and Bronwyn.

Vicky and Jason believe humans did not evolve to be monogamous, and said they felt the perceptions around swinging were slowly changing.

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The West Australian. Perth Now Click to open. Credit: Ben Crabtree. Perth is the swingers capital of Australia. Josh Zimmerman PerthNow. January 20, AM. Perth Now Us Get our newsletter.

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Sex clubs in australia

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'It's the next level': Sex clubs in full swing as Sydney strips down