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I'm kissing my brother. What am I doing? Now 52, McCormick - who endured a battle with drug addiction and depression - also discusses her dates with Martin and Jackson.

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It was several years after "The Brady Bunch" ended that McCormick went out with Martin, who had asked for the actress' phone through friend Chevy Chase. I've always regretted my behavior because he impressed me as an extraordinary guy. I would've enjoyed a second date. McCormick's time with Jackson was innocent. They met while she was starring on "Brady" and he was part of the Jackson 5. After another outing, he did give me a kiss goodbye.

But it was only a gentle peck on the cheek. There were more men in McCormick's life, which spiraled downward into substance abuse and depression as she struggled to reconcile her Marcia Brady image of the girl next door with her private pain.

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But the fact that it was somebody who appeared so together on the screen is what's so shocking about the whole thing. In the book, hitting stores Tuesday, she discusses cocaine binges and parties at the Playboy Mansion and the home of Sammy Davis Jr. McCormick was not available for comment on her book. Despite her role as a sunny Miss Perfect, she grappled privately with anxiety and insecurity, the youngest of four children born to a mercurial father who abused and cheated on their mother.

When the series had its final bow, she took up a hard-partying lifestyle in Hollywood, using drugs including cocaine and Quaaludes. She struggled to regain her earlier success, landing some TV and movie roles, but developed a reputation for unreliability due to her addiction, even botching an interview with Steven Spielberg for a role in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" because she was high. After interventions, stints in rehab and experimental therapies, McCormick began getting sober in when she married actor Michael Cummings, with whom she has a daughter, Natalie.

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She continued to fight depression through therapy, medication and the help of "Brady" cast mates. As for her iconic role, "I'll always be struck by how much a part of people's lives Marcia is and always will be. But now I'm not bothered by the connection. It took most of my life, countless mistakes and decades of pain and suffering to reach this point of equanimity and acceptance," she says. In the HarperCollins video, she adds, "It's been kind of a roller coaster ride. At one time, it was wonderful, at one time, it was awful to be her. And I've come to this point where I really love her and accept her.

Shannon Fox, of MomLogic.

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Maureen -- is very courageous in coming out with this mental health issue. It's so easy, I think, these days, for stars to say, 'I was addicted to drugs, I was, you know, I was in rehab, in and out of rehab,' but she's really saying the underlying issue was this sadness, this depression, and she was self-medicating with the drugs, and I think that's a really courageous stance for her to take.

Fox added, "For us to see that someone who seemed so perfect on the outside really was struggling with self-esteem and body image issues and eating disorders is really good for people to know. You can't live up to that ideal. I think that, for women, especially, to see that that image is not all it's cracked up to be is a really strong message.

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She seems like she's worked through and really walked through that depressed time, that time of self-doubt and she seems to have come out of it. So, I think definitely, coming out and saying, taking a strong stand and saying, 'I was depressed, I was self-medicating, and I'm not doing that anymore' is definitely part of her hearing healing. Please enter address to continue. Please enter valid address to continue. Chrome Safari Continue.

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