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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. So in a thread, I mentioned I may move to the Durham area due to a job move. This is not me being moved, it's me posting for the job to get out of Boston. Real estate here is outrageous too. At age 42, my life is a bore, and most of my friends in Boston are gone for various reasons of just growing apart, or other reasons.

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I'm still unmarried female and honestly, I just have not had any luck here. I do the online dating thing and still no luck. I have read a lot of blogs that say "forget Cary, it's all families". Is that true and if so, then what community should I be looking at? I want peace and quiet, not the sticks, just nice suburbia with a nice home and nice surroundings not all kidsbut with the option of having nightlife nearby if I want it. I like dining out, meeting new people, wine tastings, mingling, seeing live music, going to bars on occasion but I don't want it all in my back yard. I want to live someplace where I have the quiet single life I am looking for, yet the option to let loose and mingle and not be secluded if I want it.

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Oh, and lastly, I don't want to be on top of train tracks. So does this place I describe exist in the Durham area? Last edited by catsnmusic; at AM. Dire Wolf. The quiet areas are not where you will find a bunch of singles. But there are some, so be very careful selecting where you live. Some neighborhoods are almost totally family.

Others have some singles mixed in. When I was single living alone in Cary, there were almost no places to go out in Cary itself.

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It has actually changed for the better over the years, so it isn't nearly as bad for that as it was in the 90s. The one place in Cary I did meet a lot of singles was the Cary YMCA, and it was actually more of a family friendly gym than some of the others. But I think the health clubs are a great place to meet good people. I went into Raleigh very often when I was single.

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Lots of places with live music. You can actually find good, quiet neighborhoods inside the beltline. It will just cost you. But it would put you close to all the nightlife. I always found it easier to meet people here Raleigh lonely women Boston, but then again, I'm from around here.

Hi, thanks. What areas would be considred in the "belt line"? Catsnmusic, don't let people disuade you from living in Durham. Just like in any city, there are some areas you'll want to avoid, but most of the town is just fine and quite safe. I know of a couple of single women in your age range who live in Durham and post on this forum. Perhaps they will see this thread and offer some advice. I live in southern Durham in the area around Southpoint Mall. This area has a very suburban feel, but there are a handful of singles who live in my neighborhood, too.

If I were single, I would probably want to live a bit further north closer to downtown so I'd be closer to places like 9th Street and Brightleaf Square.

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I've heard great things about meetup. It isn't a dating site. Rather, it's a great way to meet people with similar interests. Real groups make a real difference - Meetup. Originally Posted by catsnmusic. I'm 42f and married - and lived in Boston met my hubby there- he's from Boston. Married older than traditional in the Raleigh lonely women, and am about to have our third. That doesn't answer your question.

What I'm trying to do is add some perspective to the area. As a parent I've found it to be a baby boom here - lots and lots of family activities, perhaps because I live in Wake Forest? Downtown Raleigh and Durham seem to have lots going on, as does Chapel Hill, though I suspect the singles scene in CH is primarily College and post-college. People may live in the downtown areas, but the sidewalks roll up at with pockets of activity. I would strongly suggest making a visit down here to see what you like, see if you can find your groove - maybe spend a week?

Do you have friends who live here now? Can you plop down on their couch? I wonder if we bumped into each other back "in the day" I was a pretty serious party-hard kind-o person. Went to a bunch of Tim Reid the voice parties, Raleigh lonely women out often at Avenue C, and what was the name of that cute little bar on charles street - dark and great beer - not the beacon hill pub - the one closer to the common?

Good luck! Durham is a little "grittier" but has a reputation often undeserved but there is a grain of truth for crime, but is on the upswing of renewal. I think downtown Raleigh overall would have more places for post singles than Durham would. Still, once here, you'd likely need to a book group, church, or volunteer organization of which there are zillions to actually meet people I feel like meetup. I say "I feel like" because I haven't been taking advantage of that lately, but the events I went to were all about that.

Actually a little more about that than I would have wanted you know. Don't rule out Hillsborough either if you like liberal writer types. ed, 41 and single, fine with it for now. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but all single, eligible, straight men over the age of 40 have been removed from the state of NC. Once they turn 40 they are whisked away in the dead of night to But they're gone from NC.

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Durham, North Carolina. Fayetteville, North Carolina. Single at 42 and still looking, is NC for me? Raleigh: real estate, chapel. User Name. Remember Me. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. Search Forums Advanced. Location: Boston 32 posts, read 66, times Reputation: Advertisements So in a thread, I mentioned I may move to the Durham area due to a job move.

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