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I 'managed' to date 4 girls since I'm here, all with the same pattern: nice night out, sex on first date, slept together, total loss of interest the day after. I know that 4 is an incredibly small to generalize, but is this common here? Probably they just wanted ONS, or they didn't like the sex - I probably am not a sex machine but I consider myself pretty average in sex not saying good because it is clearly biased on my side :P. As a guy in his late 20s who is looking for deeper connections and struggling to find girls at work or through mutual friends I found this behaviour a bit disappointing.

Did you communicate in advance what you were looking for? If you had a date, then hooked up without ever communicating what you were hoping to gain from dating, then it's no surprise if nobody got back in touch with you. This is not a general mindset of people here, but rather learned behaviour, because of many experiences like this, people are not willing to put themselves out there or be vulnerable. Even asking if it's ok to give them a call at some point to arrange another date. I know I don't share the same views as everyone, but personally I hate texting and would rather make contact in person.

Has that worked for you?

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The common advice is that the guy should escalate and if she's down for it, escalate all the way to sex. There's no guarantee that even without sex he's gonna be seeing the ladies again. Havent managed to date someone since 4 years. Okcupid, Tinder, lovoo, once, bumble. And i wouldnt say i am ugly, just shy. The worst thing is when you match, put some thought into your first message and then dont even get any reply.

Are you talking about Berlin, Germany? Because, I haven't been able to get a single match in 4 months jn Berlin on Tinderok cupid and Bumble. The only matches i get are Indonesian women that actually live in Indonesia. Idk how else does the dating scene works, but the dating apps are definitely not working.

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All living in China and some in Thailand, wtf. Sometime a nice conversation and good sex is all I need. Can't have deep connections with everyone, when it happens it happens. Can't represent all girls just my own perspective. Less than a year and you scored 4 dates?! I spent years here without scoring any. Jeez man, be happy It's literally one of the easiest cities. It's the mindset of okc and tinder users.

Won't really change. Found the internet! Posted by 1 year ago. Sort by: best. Welcome to Berlin.

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Online dating and sex berlin

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‘Sex is easy to find in Berlin’: Foreigners on love, hook-ups and friendship in Germany