No limits for this girl

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Imagine a world where female athletes, scientists, business executives, and politicians are household names as widely known as their male counterparts. When girls learn about accomplished women, they become more aware of the possibilities in their own lives. Learning about trailblazing women, seeing female heroes, and having female role models inspires girls to set their own brilliant paths.

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The most powerful message a girl can receive is there are no limits. No limits to what subjects she can study or what career she can pursue.

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No limits to what sport she can play or role she can occupy. Imagine a world where there are no glass ceilings and no assumptions about what girls like or prefer.

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To create future female leaders, we need to energize girls to approach learning with courage, embolden them to pursue their passion even in areas traditionally dominated by men, empower them to run for office, and encourage them to not only imagine, but achieve what the world has never seen. We must BeBoldForChange.

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No limits for this girl

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Girls: There Are No Limits, Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise