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Grenada Carriacou. A National Parks program is necessary to carry out the Government of Grenada policy and objectives for the protection and use of the outstanding natural heritage resources of the Country. The following section provides a summary of each area within the system, gives its ificance, the principal management objectives and a synopsis of the initial management activities that will be required for the area. National parks Natural landmarks Protected seascapes Cultural landmarks Multiple use areas.

The unit extends from the North-west to the South-east, encompassing the several mountain peaks which rise to over feet. Several of these contain old crater basins one of which is occupied by a large crater lake - Grand Etang, feet above sea level. The craters represent different centers of volcanic activities between the Miocene and Pleistocene geological periods. The vegetation cover is characterized by Montane and Elfin forest on the steeper slopes throughout the higher region. There the trees are smaller at lower altitudes and are more thickly covered with epiphytes such as ferns and mosses.

On exposed ridges and high peaks amidst the drifting clouds the densely growing trees are stunted and twisted into strange shapes, hence the name "Elfin Woodland". This rugged isolated area provides habitat for many species of birds, mammals and reptiles that are endangered through excessive hunting, trapping, or habitat loss. The land capability survey indicates that most of that area has greater than the 30 percent slope or falls into the "E" slope category and is therefore unsuitable for agricultural use. The area is also of historic importance because the summit, referred to as Fedon's Camp, was the center of the Fedon's rebellion against the British after the Island was restored to Great Britain by the Treaty of Versailles in Mature women Grenada Visitors to the Grand Etang Lake follow the self-guiding environmental education trail which indicates points of interest.

ificance of Area: The south Mature women Grenada mountains represent one of the most outstanding natural forest areas on the Island. It provides excellent habitat for the endangered species on the Island including the nine banded armadillo, and wholly opossum. The agouti, thought to be extinct is to Mature women Grenada re-introduced into the area in The Grand Etang mountain area is important because it is the major catchment area for the domestic water supply of the Southern part of the Island including St. It is also an important scientific, educational and recreational area in close proximity to the capital and major tourist development.

Participants of the first Environment Education Workshop held in the Grand Etang Forest Centre drew up an interpretive plan for the area. Management Objectives : To protect the natural forest ecosystem in an undisturbed condition and provide habitat for fauna particularly those threatened with extinction. Also to provide opportunities for environmental education, research and low density recreation. Activities : Demarcation of Park's boundaries, continuation of the upgrading of Grand Etang's Interpretation Center and nature trails.

Develop a management programme for the national park. Between these two peaks is a depression occupied by twenty three 23 acres of water known as the Levera Pond. This is surrounded by red and white mangroves and has an outlet to the sea. Also included within this unit are Green and Sandy Islands and the marine area between these and the mainland.

The flora includes one of the largest areas of mangrove swamp in the Country. This mangrove ecosystem is highly productive and probably the most important habitat for many important aquatic species as well as other species of birds including the scarlet ibis. This mangrove swamp is the northern most extension of the scarlet ibis.

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Hundreds of visitors travel to Levera National Park every weekend for swimming and hiking. Sand mining on unauthorized beaches causes accelerated erosion of the coastline and threatens the long term appropriate use of these resources.

This unit is the only representative area of the coastal type vegetation developed in areas of a marked dry season and constant saline air. Coconut palm, cactus, and woody scrub growth occupy the drier upland areas adjacent to the mangrove swamp. The area provides habitat for many species of indigenous wild life including the iguana and land crabs. The coastal area is reputed to be the most scenic and spectacular in the Country. The Mature women Grenada white sand beaches are important hatching ground for turtles while the marine areas are famous for their coral reefs and sea grass beds that provide food and shelter for lobsters and many beautiful reef fishes.

The land capability study indicates that the area is marginal for agricultural purposes since it has very shallow saline soil and is very dry for almost nine months of the year. ificance of Area: The Levera pond and extensive mangrove swamp represents the most outstanding example of the mangrove swamp ecosystem on the Island of Grenada.

It provides the only habitat where a large variety of birds and aquatic life can be observed. It is the only roosting area in Grenada for the scarlet ibis. It provides nutrients for finfish and shellfish important to the fishing industry and provides an area of floodwaters storage. It is a relatively isolated area that will be in great demand for the development of tourism accommodations.

Levera is therefore an important recreation and education area that is of aesthetic and scientific value. Management Objectives: To protect the mangrove ecosystem and to provide opportunities for environmental education and interpretation.

To protect this unique natural environment, off-shore islands and marine resources while allowing the development of appropriate Mature women Grenada activities. Activities: Acquisition of land and islands by the State for the benefit of the present and future generations.

Preparation of management and development plan in conjunction with the villagers who presently use the area.

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Summary Description: Mount Saint Catherine at 2, feet above sea level is the highest mountain peak in the Country. It is a large volcanic mountain formed during the pleistocene glacial epoch and has a large open crater on the south side. Many peaks and ridges surround it forming the north central mountain range, which are out cropped by acid andesites and dacites. The vegetation within this area is virtually undisturbed by hurricanes. Elfin and Montane forest are dominated by Micropholis chrysophylloides, Licania ternatensis, Euterpe globosa and Dacryodes excelsa.

The area provides habitat for many species of indigenous wildlife. This is the only area within the country that is not dissected by ro. Above the feet contour line which demarcates the park boundary, the land is mostly covered by natural or partially disturbed forest. The area is steep, rugged and very difficult to access for agricultural purposes although the area is used for hunting and recreation. Land capability studies recommend that with the exception of a few small patches of gentle slopes the area should remain under indigenous forest cover.

ificance of Area: The Mount St. Catherine range represents the least disturbed ecosystem in the north of Grenada. It is also the major water catchment area or source of domestic water for the towns and villages of the northern half of Grenada. Management Objectives: To protect in an undisturbed condition the important natural associations and landforms within the area and to provide adventurous recreational pursuits.

Activities: Establishment of boundaries and the development of a Management Programme emphasizing enforcement of regulations geared towards the Mature women Grenada of the area. Summary Description: Lake Antoine occupies about 16 acres within a perfect crater in the north east of the Island.

It represents an excellent example of a crater lake formed by volcanic eruptions. The crater was once a volcano which collapsed into its present crater like form. The water level of the crater lake is normally not more than twenty feet above sea level. The feature is both geomorphologically and aesthetical interesting. While the lower slopes have been used for agricultural purposes, the crest is still covered with forest.

The area Mature women Grenada for protection is privately owned and forms part of the River Antoine that is of historic importance for its functional sugar mill and rum refinery. The lake is also an important nesting ground for many species of birds and other wildlife. Although remotely located, the feature is well visited by tourist and locals. ificance of Area: The Lake Antoine crater is a geologically unique phenomenon and is reported to be one of the most scenic features throughout the Island.

Management Objectives: To maintain the crater lake as an aesthetically attractive environment and provide for interpretation of the geological, historical and natural features of the landmark. Activities: Develop a land use and interpretation plan together with the owners emphasizing the provision of visitor facilities, maintenance of ro and infrastructure to the crater lake.

An environmental education trail will be deed to indicate points of interest. Summary Description: Along the Concord River two very picturesque natural waterfalls exist apparently formed by the erosion of a band of soft rock. Located downstream, a band of hard rock was formed by the extension of lava from the eruptions. This is part of the lava flow that created the south central mountain system. The Concord or first falls utilized by dozens of recreationalists on a given weekend is located at the eastern end of a properly surfaced access way.

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The waterfall plunges approximately thirty five feet creating a pool of Mature women Grenada water ideally suited for swimming. The adjacent lands are privately owned and the owner is in the process of establishing a snack and rest-house facility. About 10 minutes hike upstream along a well constructed trail is the Fountainbleau Falls. Here the water gushes down the cliff face for about 65 feet accumulating in a very clear fresh water pool.

The area has plantations of banana, nutmeg and cocoa, Grenada's main export crops. ificance of Area: The falls are notable geographic features which need to be maintained and enhanced. The high scenic and bathing qualities of the falls and their basins have contributed to the area being a traditionally popular recreation and picnic site. Additionally they are of great educational value for students with a keen interest in the natural processes of erosion and weathering.

Management Objectives: The area will be managed to protect the aesthetic and water quality of the waterfalls and pools. Planning and Management are also very critical in providing additional facilities and maintaining the level of satisfaction achieved by the visitor. The plantations of export crops should be maintained and tied into the tourist experience.

Activities: Enhancement of scenic quality through maintenance of pool side and trails. Negotiate right of way through private property and work together with land owner on preparation of a management and development plan. Continue trail development and beautification.

Develop environmental education programs which discuss geology, watershed management, multiple use and the agricultural export oriented drive of Grenada. Summary Description: Annandale waterfall was formed by the same process as explained in the case of the Concord Falls. This natural landmark however is already established as a major recreation area and is one of the most accessible in the country.

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Two separate waterfalls are present where the water plunges approximately 30 feet into a fresh water pool where visitors picnic and swim. The adjacent lands are State owned and are recommended in this report as a multiple use area. ificance of Area: The area is an important geographic feature which is a classic representation of a geological out crop of the Tufton Hall Formation. This feature is to be protected and enhanced for public use both as an interpretation center and for recreational endeavours.

Activities: Once the renovation of buildings is completed, it Mature women Grenada increase the quality of recreation attained at this landmark. It is also necessary to implement a management programme that would improve the aesthetics and provide interpretation activities to visitors. Environmental education programs should be developed to illustrate the importance of the multiple use areas surrounding the falls for agriculture, forestry, water quality, and recreation. Summary Description: The Marquis Island and surrounding coral reef and eel grass marine ecosystems provide outstanding opportunities for recreation in a scenic environment.

Mature women Grenada

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