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Come by for dinner in the backyard! Here are a few of our favorite main course options for serving all your favorite folks. Now all you need to think about is dessert …. A big salmon fillet always feels like a festive main course, especially when it's cooked on a cedar grilling plank, so it picks up a whisper of smoky flavor. Kick off your seafood-themed dinner party with grilled oysters and pair the fish with a simple tomato salad.

Business Dinner Etiquette: Proper Manners for Dining with Clients

There's nothing wrong with defaulting to chicken when you're trying to think of dinner party ideas. The key is to select a truly special chicken recipe, like this easy sweet-and-spicy braise, made with ribbons of fennel and juicy table grapes. You'll want to have a loaf of bread on the side for sopping up the sauce. Scallops are always a stunner, but these are dead simple to make: Juice lemons. Spoon out capers. Heat pan. Cook scallops.

Make sauce in same pan. Grilling pizza makes a main dish recipe into a party. This dough is deed for the grill—you can get creative with your toppings, or let your guests go wild.

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Just don't get them started about whether you need New York tap water to make a superior slice. These chicken-and-mushroom burgers are worthy of a weekend hangout, but totally possible to make for a casual dinner party on a weeknight. Curry mustard is the ideal condiment, but you can use whatever mustard you have on hand. Impress your friends with homemade gnocchi, then let them in on the secret: these pillowy Italian dumplings were made quicker with instant mashed potatoes. Top with Parmesan and fresh herbs, and serve a salad after.

Break long lasagna noodles into squares and suddenly you have makeshift fazzoletti, or handkerchief pasta. In this recipe, the flat, wide shapes drape over themselves, trapping the buttery, lemony sauce.

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Marinate shrimp in a sweet-and-spicy mixture of apricot preserves, lime juice, habanero, soy sauce, garlic, and ginger—then throw them on the grill for an easy minute dinner. Looking for a side dish? Perhaps this simple grilled corn recipe will do the trick. Barbecue brisket is a whole ordeal, but you can get rich, meaty flavor faster if you focus on tender pork spareribs. These have two sauce options, made with your choice of Coca-Cola or ginger ale.

This isn't your typical chicken Caesar. Here, you'll smother the chicken whole, or just the legs with thigh and drumstick attached in garlicky dressing, then roast until burnished and juicy. Golden croutons soak up the roast chicken juices before they're tossed with crunchy lettuce. Take garlicky shrimp, unsweetened coconut, and shishito peppers to the grill.

Squeeze a lime over the top just before eating. When it's so warm out that you can't contemplate any more effort than dialing for takeout, a meal like this is just the ticket. Prep your peanut sauce in advance, then pair with all sorts of crunchy, delightful bites.

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Pork tacos al pastor may get the fame, but this fish al pastor deserves plenty of glory. A potent chile marinade adds lots of flavor before the fillets hit the grill, and a pineapple salsa is the perfect finishing touch. This is the main course to make for special occasions, especially with vegetarians at your table.

It features a rainbow of colors, flavors, and textures, thanks to creamy paneer, chickpeas, roasted beets, sweet potatoes, and a citrusy coconut and cilantro sauce. Are there two dishes that are more dinner-party worthy than risotto and scallops? We think not. This version brings them together in a Looking for some company dinner that feels light and fresh enough for warmer weather—in part because the recipe uses tangy pineapple juice instead of wine.

Chicken breasts don't have to be boring. Gather friends around the grill for this extra-flavorful meal, enhanced with grilled pineapple. Marinate the chicken in advance and you have one of those perfectly summery, easy dinners that's sure to impress.

Simmer duck legs in a chile-infused, maramalade-based braise until tender, then reduce the sauce to a sticky-rich lacquer to glaze over the crisp skin. This just might be the best grilled chicken you've ever made. Serve with coconut rice or sticky rice and the spicy pineapple dipping sauce. Dinner recipes don't always feel like a celebration, but this one does. Two whole fish are brushed with a tamarind and honey glaze, then roasted for just about 20 minutes.

It's easier than roast chicken, and the presentation is truly fabulous. Skinless, boneless chicken thighs cook quickly on the bbq, and then you can garnish the whole thing with crispy garlic and crunchy peanuts. This savory pie calls for roasting tomatoes to concentrate their flavor, then layering them with two kinds of cheese atop a garlic-butter crust for a result as dramatic as it is delicious.

A chicken recipe that's so delicious, it's worthy of Thanksgiving dinner—or any dinner party you're hosting this year. It comes with a crispy, craggy bread and squash salad on the side. Looking for main course ideas for a vegan dinner party? This jerk tofu from Epi contributor Chrissy Tracey has it all: deeply flavorful marinated tofu, luscious grilled plantains, and a fresh mango salsa to brighten the dish.

Serve with rice and peas if you like!

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Bone-in chicken thighs and drumsticks gently cook in a brown butter cream sauce, then get a topping of crunchy homemade breadcrumbs. Keep your appetizers light and fresh. In this recipe, summer produce gets stuffed with spiced ground lamb and cooked in an oniony tomato sauce. Top it off with crispy garlic, herbs, and yogurt. This recipe is reason enough to make your next dinner party a tamaliza. Head over here for a step-by-step video showing how to make tamales at home.

Pakistani haleem is a warmly spiced, satisfyingly thick stew made from long-simmered lentils, barley, and bone-in chunks of lamb or goat.

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This version is deed for the Instant Pot, which cuts out hours of simmering and stirring. Whole cashews are the star of this comforting Sri Lankan curry. They simmer and soften enough to sip up luscious coconut milk, scented with ginger, cumin, turmeric, and fennel. This vegetarian pozole relies on meaty mushrooms and hearty hominy to become a filling, soul-nourishing meal-in-a-bowl. This whole fish is a Lunar New Year tradition —it's customary to point the head toward your most distinguished guest. Looking for the juiciest chicken you've ever had in your life?

Here's the main dish recipe you need. This easy salmon recipe is an Ina Garten hit. Serve with roasted sweet potatoes in the fall and winter, or asparagus in spring. Fresh figs and grapes cooked in balsamic vinegar and honey make a fantastic sweet and sour sauce for pork chops.

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Cauliflower and mushrooms provide richness and toothiness that do justice to the meaty original. This one-pot comfort-food stew takes its flavor cues from chicken paprikash. Cooking low and slow is the key to getting deep flavor and the perfect texture; make sure to simmer the stew until the potatoes are creamy and the chicken is pull-apart tender. Of course, you can serve your aioli with any vegetables or seafood you like—consider this a good starting point for your dinner party plan. Skin-on chicken thighs crisp up in the oven to the point of charring, with a salad of chickpeas, olives, and potatoes torn with your hands providing the base for this impressive and colorful main dish.

A combination of pistachios and chickpeas adds filling protein and rich flavor to this update on the classic tomato tart that's hearty enough to serve as a vegetarian main course at a late-summer dinner party. Shellfish and pork are a power duo. The salty-sweet pancetta soffritto is the backbone of this clam toast—a long-time favorite of ours.

This classic technique gets a modern punch of flavor from briny olives and capers, sweet raisins, a splash of rum, and a squeeze of bright lime juice. What happens when you cook with a lot of oil? This roast chicken recipe is packing heat.

A coriander-infused brine tenderizes the chicken, while a rub of three-chile harissa crisps up and turns the chicken fat into a dippable sauce.

Gordon's Quick \u0026 Simple Dinner Recipes - Gordon Ramsay

Instead of serving everyone individually, cook two giant pork chops perfumed with garlic and thymethen slice them up and serve family-style for an easy, elegant presentation. And that's why this velvety French classic is perfect for a weekend dinner party. Cocoa powder is whisked with vinegar to provide additional richness and flavor to the deeply flavored pot of chicken and mushrooms. Braise pork and beets in a fragrant broth flavored with sauerkraut, lemon juice, and white wine. Then top the whole thing with a sprightly mix of walnuts and herbs.

A last-minute addition of basil pesto turns creamy risotto into the ultimate bowl of spring comfort for a vegetarian dinner party stunner. A crisp radish-parsley salad and caramelized grilled scallions are the perfect bold accompaniments to this summery pork dinner. Cooking a whole fish is always going to wow your dinner guests. But it's actually super simple, as you'll see from this recipe.

Looking for some company dinner

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