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Underwater, sound travels more than four times as quickly as in air. Years ago, marine ecologist Carlos Duarte, while listening to a hydrophone recording of whale songs in the deep ocean, was surprised at the unmistakable sound of rainfall on the surface miles above Futurity, The din of human activity is loud, too. Human beings are primarily visual. Marine animals are much less so. They use sound to navigate, find food, and communicate. The team documented the damaging effect of human noise on marine animals and their ecosystems around the world, drawing from more than 10, papers.

Much of the human noise in the sea is sonar, which dolphins and whales use as well. Dolphins must find and identify food in murky water. When they emit the short bursts we hear as clicks, they create sound waves that bounce off objects and return to them with information, sometimes far beyond what we can see with our eyes—a skill called echolocation. Bottlenose dolphins can spy a ping-pong ball-size object from a football field away.

When a dolphin echolocates on a person, it might see muscle and bone tissue, scars, and metal pins or rods used in surgical repair Dolphins Plus, With this exquisite sensitivity, you can imagine that sonar noise bothers sea animals — especially sea mammals - even more than intrusive sound bothers us. Listening to underwater sounds has helped us measure global warming, track magma on the sea floor during volcanic eruptions and hear earthquakes. The loudest and most disruptive human noise in the sea comes from military sonar, oil exploration and everyday shipping traffic.

Naval sonar systems are like Looking for quiter floodlights, sending their acoustic beam for many miles.

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Just one low-frequency active sonar loudspeaker can be as loud as a twin-engine fighter jet at takeoff. The effect on whales is devastating. They are driven from their usual habitat and behavior and die when they flee rapidly to the surface or to shore to avoid the din. Environmental groups and the U. Navy have been in the courts for decades Center for Biological Diversity, Energy companies make even more noise looking for oil and gas deposits in the sea floor.

During seismic surveys, ships might fire up to 20 air guns at time, creating pressurized air bubbles. The blasts are repeated as often as every 10 seconds day after day and can travel underwater for up to 2, miles Oceana, Everyday shipping traffic is a constant irritation and even motorboats can delay migration and strand whales in ice. When the ocean absorbs more and more atmospheric carbon, it becomes more acidic, with the result that low-frequency sound travels further and is louder to underwater animals. Shrinking ice creates more noise from wind, which ice buffers Pinkelman, The happy news here is that the damage from noise in the ocean seems to go away when the noise stops, so it is easier to address than the effects of an oil spill, which linger Futurity,Duarte et al.

Looking for quiter ocean is an ocean of sound. In recordings of songs from bowhead whales near Greenland, they can be heard singing loudly, 24 hours a day, from fall to spring even in the darkness of winter. Their songs are free-form, and every season they invent a new set of dozens of songs.

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View our return policy. Shop All Products. Call Anytime In Search of Quieter Oceans. From above, oceans look like tranquil places. They are far from it. How we use sound in the water Listening to underwater sounds has helped us measure global warming, track magma on the sea floor during volcanic eruptions and hear earthquakes. If only we just listened. Orcas, dolphins and other marine mammals are particularly sensitive to sound pollution, which can mask vocalizations and — among other problems - make it impossible to find mates. What we can do The Science paper recommends a of fixes: Quiet offshore wind farm construction.

For example, surrounding pile drivers with a curtain of bubbles muffles sound waves Use lower pressure in seismic surveys with an alternative method that may be available for industrial fleets by Slow shipping speeds and reroute ships away from endangered marine animals Encourage ship des that cut propeller noise Duarte et al. Example: One Danish shipping company retrofitted hulls and installed more efficient propellers on 11 of its ships. Afterward, the ships were quieter underwater by six to eight decibels. Sources: Bowhead whales sing a varied, jazzy repertoire.

Published April 11, The soundscape of the Anthropocene ocean. Published February 5, Accessed April 21, Goldberg J. Watch-and hear-the impact human noises have on marine life. Published February 9, How Do Dolphins Use Echolocation?

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Dolphins Plus. Human noise wreaks havoc on all kinds of ocean animals. Published February 8, Malakoff D. A Push for Quieter Ships. Published June 18, Ocean Noise. Center for Biological Diversity. Pinkelman SR. Drowned out: Is climate change making the ocean a noisier place?

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