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I'm really excited to try invasions! I didn't get to experience them in either the preview or the beta. I'm sure nobody really got to experience them to the full effect with a full squad of 60s and that's what I'm most excited for. All of it, but mainly the social aspect of a new MMO where everyone is roughly the same level of stupid. Learning together is always so fun. I really enjoyed the fact that the servers were small enough in population that I recognized names after a few days. Active players were noticeable.

I began to recognize active faction members and active companies as well. The server felt like home and the people were regular. I guess I got a sense of community in which I new my friends but more importantly I knew my enemies and they new me. The real chance of notoriety, of infamy of respect or just being known for being good or bad at the game is awesome to me.

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A day will come when a company loses a well known member to another company, or and entire company leaves a faction for another faction all together. The drama, the sense of betrayal, the wars to come, it will be all drama in a game that means nothing and exists in a virtual setting but oh boy am I giddy to see it all and hear about it and wage war and develop rivalries because of it.

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Takes me back to days of old. I was on a huge Australian server and I splat coffee out of my mouth at one point when I saw a guy called Ivan Milat he was a murderer in Australia running around killing someone running away with a life staff. Which is exactly what worries me, the game already felt over capacity with war ups, and we are to expect a much bigger server pop?

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Idk how that will work. Plus the forts teleporting people out for having too many players in the area. Not sure if that's a beta exclusive thing. I hope it is. I really hope you're right about all the politicing, but I fear were missing the sandbox elements that allow for it. Shooting strangers in the back of the head with my musket while laying in the grass like a coward.

Good times.

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I miss playing in the woods that I grew up in. I used to pick herbs and cut down trees to make little forts under a rocky overhang. Any time I find a game that's heavy into harvesting and crafting, it takes me back to a simpler time of my youth. I am also old, and I look forward to chopping down trees and harvesting herbs in the virtual woods. Oh yeah. My RL woods also had "hemp" plants growing in it, but the buds weren't purple like in New World!

To experience the rest of the game, specifically crafting. In beta I mostly just experimented with weapons and did just a little of each crafting skill. Coming home after a long day of work. Walking from the main city, picking and mining every resource til I get to my fishing hole and fishing until I have to sleep for work the next Looking for a relase. All the enjoyment a something husband, father, professional can dream of. Has basically been my selling point off the game not married but am a full time teacherhas a load of goal orientated activities to do whilst relaxing and I can switch up what I do on each evening.

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Hoping to find a company whose members are fellow parents so when I say, "brb, need to tuck in the 4 yr old yet again" they will understand. Just being able to finally play the game and not just temporarily.

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Found the internet! What are you looking forward to most on the release of New World? Posted by 2 months ago. Sort by: best. Reply Share. Continue this thread.

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It finally being official release lol. I feel ya. You beat me to it. That Will bad after two weeks when servers stay low in pop. I am looking for some people like that. More posts from the newworldgame community. Created Sep 30, Back to Top.

Looking for a relase

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