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You want to have a happy relationship, where you feel like you are connected, and part of a team. But these days, you are feeling so overwhelmed by work, kids, and school that you feel like you are drowning. You feel more like roommates running a household together than romantic partners, and you feel lonely. Your differences in energy levels.

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How you spend money. Your sex life. But every conversation with your partner seems to end in a fight.

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You wonder how you got here. You desperately want your relationship to work, and want to feel connected again.

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You wish you had a time machine, and could go back before everything got so hard. A failed marriage. Everything you have tried seems to flop.

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I use evidenced based treatment modalities to best help you in your relationship. Taking individual responsibility for how you are creating these patterns is where the magic happens. I often use metaphors and humor to help you discover that you are not alone in feeling disconnected. MOST couples go through this, when the dopamine wears off and they realize they are married to an imperfect person. We'll work together weekly to get to the bottom of what is happening and you'll have homework asments to help augment the time we are spending in therapy so you can get where you are going quickly.

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I know you need and want things to get on track as quickly as possible-- I believe my job is to work myself out of a job by giving you the skills and tools you need to be successful! I love working with couples throughout Texas via telehealth and in person in Frisco, who are motivated and ready to move from frustration, disconnection, and hopelessness into empathy, connection and hope for the future! I love working with couples before they get marriedas well as helping them revive their relationship by working on intimacy and sexcommunicationor faith transitions.

If you are ready to increase the connection in your relationship, text or call me for a FREE 15 minute consultation at We can talk about how therapy can help you have hope that things can get better, and that your relationship can improve!

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Relationship Counseling. Let's go! Helping you reconnect with your partner You want to have a happy relationship, where you feel like you are connected, and part of a team.

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Where did the happy couple you used to be go? You are scared of the future. Let me help you have the relationship you deserve!

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Schedule a FREE 15 minute call. Schedule a free minute call.

Lonely looking sex Frisco

email: [email protected] - phone:(331) 185-5942 x 9341

Relationship Counseling