Got someone need something

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You feel shy when you start your speechbut then you get into it.

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I got into school early that day. She got into one of the top universities in the country. She got into Parliament at the age of Those kids are always getting into trouble. When I complained he got into a temper and began shouting at me. Try to get into the habit of drinking a glass of water every hour. Definition and synonyms of get into from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. This is the British English definition of get into. View American English definition of get into.

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Change your default dictionary to American English. Open Dictionary. Other entries for this word. Word Forms. Synonyms and related words. To enjoy something, or to enjoy yourself. To discuss something. To arrive in a place, or to enter a place. Attendance and non-attendance at school or university. To be a candidate or winner in an election.

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To take part, or to become involved. To be, or to become angry or annoyed. To start doing something. Ways of asking questions and making requests. Thesaurus Trending Words blue movie. Synonyms of the month gift. Browse more. Share this entry. Vocabulary quiz: trending words of Take the quiz now.

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Got someone need something

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Causatives: Have and Get