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HS vs. CC Faculty. What, exactly, are CC faculty supposed to do that substantially distinguishes them from high school teachers? I don't mean this in a derogatory manner, I was a high school teacher and found the job incredibly fulfilling.

Similarly, I was a full-time CC instructor on the tenure-track. In order to be approved for tenure I was expected to teach classes actually semester hours to a reasonable standard of competency. I was also expected to take part in the organizational structure of the college by serving on committees. It was expected that I keep current in the methods of pedagogy in my field and demonstrate that I was attempting to improve my instruction note that this is pre-tenure. Interdisciplinarity and Risk Aversion.

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I will be graduating from a smaller campus of a Big 10 University this May with a degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities. I have some definite concerns as I enter into the job market, being especially considerate of our economic situation right now. From the time that I began grad school two years ago, I knew that I wanted to teach.

I will happily take a job anywhere I can get one! I know I will be applying to many different schools, from community colleges to state universities and smaller liberal arts colleges. Do I tailor my CV, and for that matter, my cover letter to fit in with each "type" of school? Wrongs Must Be Writed! I'm away from school working on my thesis at another institution.

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I noticed the other day that there was a letter to the editor in the local newspaper where some guy was mis-paraphrasing the Pope mis-quoting the recent Benotti et al. So I wrote a replying letter to the editor, politely, with inline references and just a little snark, to refute it line by line.

My letter was never published, and today there's another missive of anti-choice wingnuttery from the same person, a week later.

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Apparently our local editor has granted this person's oppinions pride of place on the editorial s. I would be slightly less freaked out if this wasn't the local rag for a town dominated by a major research institution-we're supposed to be scientifically minded here. What the Fish? I recently attended a talk about curriculum and program de where large university decided to roll out a new undergraduate program let's call it "computer science lite" since enrollments were collapsing in a related discipline "traditional computer science.

As part of the planning process at this university, the committee asked for consultations from professionals in the IT industry and presumably other educators. The IT sector said that graduates were clearly weak in professional skills defined to be skills such as communications, project management etc.

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Industry feedback seemingly played a major, possibly decisive, role in the de of this new undergraduate program. This focus on employer input as central strikes me as interesting and rather unusual in higher education. Founding Director Alan Lightman is pictured on the center right. Holyoke Class Mt. Bol Ph. Catherine University St. Edward's University St. Joseph's College-New York St. Lawrence University St. Mary's University St. Norbert College St. Browse by Category. Featured college s.

Girl on girl chat line in Liberal

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