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Has any married woman ever had an affair?. Big dick need some love too. Old woman searching adult fun - hot horny moms searching amateur sex. Now hiring secretary The intercom on your buzzes. There's something I need to talk to you about. Business is slow at the company and you think maybe you're about to be laid off. Sheepishly, you walk into my office. You aren't sure what to do, so you stand in front of my pristine desk and watch as I finish typing something on mypussy Sweden untilvyou cum computer, old Pender Island women looking for sex in Pender Island you can't see what.

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A whole minute passes as I silently type. All you hear is the clicking of the keys. It's killing you, the waiting. Is there a problem? Productivity in this office is down. Way down. I've been looking into the cause and I now know what it is. I've been watching and you are causing a distraction for my guys. I'm not Every time you walk by, they all stop whatever they're doing and stare. Fuck, even I can't stop looking at those incredible tits of yours.

And those legs? Holy shit. Makes me want to jerk off every time I come to work.

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You had a hunch your boss was turned on by you, you noticed the bulge in his pants every time he'd stand over you at your desk, catching a glimpse down your blouse. You'd wear the low cut ones for that very reason. But you never thought you could act on it, what if you were wrong?

What if word got out? Come over here. You slowly walk around my desk and approach me. You can feel my power and you love it.

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Just as you get close, I grab a fistful of your hair and spin your back to me. With a firm hold, I speak over your shoulder with a soft but stern voice. I didn't get to where I am now by taking no for an answer.

But you're not frightened, just the opposite. This is your fantasy coming true. With a fistful of your hair I pull your head back and press against you from behind, married looking 4 texting couples sex chat sassy sub looking for her dominant Quinninup my other hand reaching around and grabbing hold of xxx tit, squeezing it firmly. You feel my hot breath on your neck and my bulging cock pressing against your ass.

You are dying to feel it inside you. I squeeze harder, press harder. Say it, say what you are! Whores are meant to be used," I say as I squeeze your tit even harder. You let out a yelp of pain and delight. I loosen my grip on your hair and in a deep, calm, firm voice I give you an order. So you step forward and lean over my desk, your hands holding you up like a convict with his hands on the car hood. Face on the desk, whore. I hike your skirt up, uncovering your perfect ass and black thong.

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A sharp spank on your ass leaves a red mark, exactly the size and shape of my hand. Your hands hold on tight to the edge of my desk and you hear the sound of my belt buckle being loosened, the sound of my zipper as I unzip my pants. This is what I mean. This thong. It's not appropriate work attire. With xxx xxx motion I snip the back and peel it away to free your soaked pussy. I promise I'll dress better from now on," you plead. But there's still the matter of this distraction. Let's take care of that.

You let out another yelp and grab a firmer hold on the lip of the desk as I thrust. I knew you were a good little fuck. Fuck me like a whore!

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I'm a dirty little whore! I can feel your pussy starting to throb and pulse and spasm, your legs shake and can barely hold you up.

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You let out a long moan as I continue to fuck your now gushing pussy. It feels like it goes on forever. You are out of breath and out of strength. I know this, and I pull out of you quickly. You gather what strength you have and swing yourself onto the desk.

There is plenty of room for you. I pull your head just over the edge, you see me upside down, open your mouth and take my cock down your throat. While you suck me, I unbutton your blouse and unclasp your black, lacy bra. Thank god for front clasps! Your marvelous tits are free and I knead them both while you suck me.

Pinching your nipples, taking handfuls of flesh. Occasionally you gasp for air and I let you, but once your lungs fill I am right back inside you, thrusting into your mouth.

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You taste your own juices mixing with mine. Faster and faster you suck, you reach a hand out and grab my balls, caressing them, gently squeezing them. You can tell I am close, my breath quickens and I start to pant. Not wanting to miss a drop, you take me all the way in and hold when I begin to gush cum down your throat.

Squirt after squirt, you swallow it all. Your gurgle a little as it keeps coming. Finally, after what feels like forever, the spasms subside. I pull out. Little aftershocks come and leave traces on your neck and chin as I trace the tip of my cock around your cum-soaked lips. Spent, I sit back down in my chair and admire you splayed out on my desk. After you catch your breath and regain your strength, you climb off and reclasp your bra, button your blouse, and lower your skirt.

You bend over to pick up the remnant of the thong. Do you understand? It belongs to me. I understand. Now go back to work. I think I can focus for the rest of the day. We'll see about tomorrow Clean man seeks clean couple for fun.

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