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Photographed with a hip thrust forward to show off her Margiela apron dress and modishly frayed jeans, Lyn Slater projects a kind of swagger pretty rare among her peers. A professor at the Graduate School of Social Service at Fordham University, with hyper-chic side gigs as a model and blogger, she is known to a wider public as an Instagram idol.

But if you are Ms. Her following, hundreds of thousands strong, skews young, she said, and is responsive to her sass. Her brash voice is one in a chorus of like-minded contemporaries and women in their 70s and 80s, who are taking on matters of aging with an audacity — and riveting style — their mothers might have envied.

Cohen said. They continue to be who they were.

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That observation is echoed in the Elastic Generation, a J. Walter Thomson survey of to year-old women in England. Physical capacity, financial circumstances and mind-set arguably have far greater influence. Her lifestyle is not governed by her age but by her values and the things she cares about.

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Slater echoed that sentiment. Why would we accept the aging image of our mothers?

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In their wardrobes, unfettered self-expression is the rule. Dorrie Jacobson, an year-old former Playboy bunny, piqued interest last year when she began modeling lacy black lingerie on her Senior Style Bible Instagram. In an interview, as on her feed, she urges followers to ditch cobwebby notions of how a woman her age should dress.

Making waves, and a little cash on the side, are pop sensations like Baddie Winkle year-old Helen Ruth Elam Van Winklewhose posts are conceived to flip convention on its head.

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Van Winkle has transcended cult status. She has millions of followers and is paid to tout brands like Got2B hair products and Free grandma singles on herand has made personal appearances at Sephora. There is year-old Lili Hayeswhose posts tend to send up stereotyped images of Jewish mom-ness. Hayes, who, as her online bio makes clear, is always a little ticked off, underscores her peevishness with a street-wear-inflected style.

Her fashion ature: an ever-expanding collection of Supreme caps. Chalk up their influence to a palpable shift in Free grandma singles wind. Their advent coincides with the stepped-up visibility, and clout, of political outliers like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, whose weathered features loom large these days on theater screens, to say nothing of a voluble coterie of older women in Congress.

In an apparently more hospitable climate, deers and advertisers have begun to acknowledge a more mature market, pushing a concept of inclusion to extend not just to race and ethnicity but also to age. Even so, those campaigns can carry a whiff of tokenism. According to the Elastic Generation study, women over 50 are still greatly underrepresented in proportion to their spending power. Also overlooked is their social media savvy. Slater, for one, was quick to monetize her.

She is featured in a music video with Charlotte Gainsbourg and has been approached by several literary agents to turn her posts into a book, she said. On her InstagramMs. Kee has ed forces with Romance Was Born, a label led by a team of deers in their early 30s. Together they will present a collection during the couture shows in Paris in July.

And on herSilver Is the New BlondeJan Correll, 60, a consultant in technology sales, has attracted an assortment of labels, including J. Jill and Soma Intimates, a lingerie line. While they court and may relish a surge in attention, some prominent influencers balk at being profiled.

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Slater said. Sarah-Jane Adams63, who turned to Instagram to show off the jewelry she sells, makes no references in her posts to her gray hair. She would rather be judged on the particulars. Privacy is a concern as well. Correll, who has been married for 43 years and is a grandmother of four. Still, the outcome is more often positive. Posting on Instagram reinforces a sense of solidarity that may have been missing elsewhere in their lives. As Mr. For them, Instagram can lead to long-distance friendships, real-life encounters, dinner parties and other events that combat isolation and foster a sense of community.

That online community encompasses a surprisingly youthful contingent. On Instagram, many of Ms. Kee said of the period when she came of age.

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They envy us. Style The Glamorous Grandmas of Instagram. You can still show your cleavage without being told to cover up. I want to get older like you.

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