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Crucial to this is the pursuit of academic excellence, including but going well beyond outstanding examinationas each girl is empowered with a deep love of learning and agile critical-thinking skills. Our vision is of a curriculum that inspires as well as challenges, and it is a hallmark of an Oxford High School education that girls approach new knowledge with assurance and skill.

To read the curriculum in detail for each subject and Key Stage, please use the tabs to the left.

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British artists and deers are known around the world as a gold-standard for originality and vision. At OHS, we build on this legacy by encouraging our students to make informed and reasoned judgements alongside their development of aesthetic and practical skills. Both in their own work and their appraisal of other artists, Chinese girl oxford and deers, our art students find new ways of understanding and responding to the world. In the process, they work with a wide range of traditional and new media including digital photography, animation, sculpture, print-making, illustration and fine art painting and drawing.

In Yearsgirls develop their love of art through a curriculum that balances two-dimensional and three-dimensional work and generates two major projects per year. These theme-based projects are rooted in a variety of art movements, enabling a broad, enjoyable and purposeful experience of the subject and the use of a wide range of traditional and new media.

They are further deed to equip students with the formal elements of art, craft and de skills and confidence in the subject. ificant personalised learning and support draws out the unique artistic and creative characteristics of each learner. Intellectual curiosity is positively encouraged in order to complement core skills with independent thought and purposeful depth.

Students benefit from a wealth of media, facilities and expertise, from Adobe CC software Photoshop, Illustrator Chinese girl oxford. At A Level, girls work in their own studio space with an independence more similar to that of an established artist as they create their own practical portfolio of work. Additionally, students create a sustained, investigative and intellectual piece of written research that supports and aligns with their practice.

They live and breathe the subject, immersing themselves in the world of art and de by visiting galleries and exhibitions as well as talking to visiting artists such as OHS Alumnae Amy Isles Freeman and Emma Bridgewater. Skills, knowledge and understanding are taught through personal tutorials, group crits and discussions and workshops inspired by the interests and learning needs of the cohort. Many students pursue an art-related route beyond Sixth Form for which mock interview and portfolio support is given.

Without a doubt our most popular co-curricular activity is art club, which runs before school, at lunch and after school. GCSE and A Level students love having a relaxed, supportive environment in which to consolidate their artistic practice, and KS3 girls are increasingly making use of this facility, too. Visits to galleries and exhibitions are offered at GCSE and A Level, local and national competitions are promoted within the Department and OHS Alumnae such as Amy Isles Freeman and Emma Bridgewater regularly come back to give tutorials and talk to the girls about artistic life beyond school.

Latin and Ancient Greek are alive and kicking at Oxford High.

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Our department offers a colourful and vigorous introduction to the Classical world that begins with a rigorous foundation in the language and literature of the ancient world. Once the language is grasped, what a treasure trove of beautiful literature opens up. We then bring this knowledge to bear in comprehending how Classical knowledge underpins European literature and thought with curricula richly seeded by lectures, visits and performances.

We follow the OCR syllabuses because they share the emphasis between language and literature. Literature study begins in February of Year 10 with the verse set book: starting at this point enables girls to revise for a proper literature exam in the summer, which gives them confidence. We complete the prose set book by the end of the Autumn term of Year 11 in preparation for their mock exams.

Some of these will be studied in depth as set texts for examinations, some will be read in preparation for unseen translation examinations and some for pure enjoyment, but all will Chinese girl oxford as many questions about life in these ancient societies as they will answer. Most pupils find the experience of being taught in a small group hugely enjoyable and many students continue their studies at university, with 10 OHS girls in the past 9 years going on to read Classics at Oxbridge and one at Harvard.

The Classics Department runs a veritable cornucopia of clubs, trips and visits to enrich the learning of our students.

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Classics students also enter various Oxbridge essay prizes and attend the Bryanston Greek Summer School and archaeological digs in the summer. A highly relevant, rigorous and creative subject, which develops an understanding and ability to apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science to real-world systems. You will develop the ability to analyse problems in computational terms through practical experience and writing programs. You will need to think creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically. In return, you will acquire the ability to see relationships between different aspects of computer science as well as applying mathematical skills in new ways.

Topics include Cryptography with spreheets, patterns with Python, and physical computing with BBC Microbits and a range of Chinese girl oxford accessories. The GCSE in Computer Science provides an understanding of how computers work, how they store data and communicate, and how they are changing the world we live in. Alongside this students write programs to solve increasingly challenging problems, building on the skills they have developed in years. They are introduced to a new programming language and learn to write more robust programs.

In the Sixth Form students move to developing programmes with a graphical user interface, explore Boolean algebra, data structures and common search and sort algorithms, as well as taking material covered at GCSE to a deeper level. A ificant component of the course is the programming project, where students are required to analyse a problem of their choice. The best projects solve real problems and are created to a professional standard.

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Computing students enter a growing range of competitions throughout the year and have had some incredible successes. The special thing about drama is that it is as real as life gets. Rich in stories, invention and practice, drama affords girls the opportunity to engage with the dramatic process not merely as actors but also directors, tech crew, set-deers and even marketers.

It is a lively and collaborative subject that develops teamwork, confidence and presentation, with transferable skills for English, History, Classics, Psychology, Politics, Debating and Law. At KS3, Drama is explorative.


Pupils work together in pairs and in groups on a wide variety of tasks during Chinese girl oxford, undertaking different workshops in physical expression, improvisation, and extended stage skills. At GCSE, we follow the AQA Drama course, which enables students to develop their creative skills as dramatists alongside an awareness of the social, historical, and cultural factors embodied by the Chinese girl oxford they study.

Students hone their creative and analytical skills by analysing a set play through rehearsal to performance and by devising their own piece of theatre. Finally, in Year 11, girls sit a written examination. All Year 11 students are eligible to apply for a Drama Scholarship.

We follow the Edexcel Drama course at A Level, which has three key elements. First, all students are required to conceive an original devised performance inspired by an original performance text and a chosen practitioner. Second, students write a 3, word portfolio, evidencing their journey through the creative process.

It is a thrilling, yet well-rounded higher level apprenticeship in the theatre and the perfect platform for further study. All senior girls are encouraged to perform in dramatic productions during their time at OHS. There are two school musicals a year, one for the Upper and one for the Lower school we often have students in the casts!

Many students choose to help backstage, having learned production skills with our professional Theatre Manager. Finally, House Drama is a vital component of Oxford High School, providing a fun, annual opportunity to devise, direct and perform a self-written play. We believe in the power of literature to inspire, transform and move our students towards a deeper understanding of the world and themselves.

On a daily basis we make this happen by empowering girls to write in a wide range of forms and genres, speaking to them as equals in discussion and debate and encouraging them to grapple with material that is diverse and challenging.

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The objective of our KS3 curriculum is twofold: first, we aim to instil a love of literature that will last a lifetime; second, we seek to lay the foundations of excellence for GCSE by introducing the key skills of close analysis, precise expression and reasoned judgement. We follow the CIE IGCSE courses in English Language and English Literature because these provide us ample opportunity to refresh our schemes of work with the greatest canonical and contemporary texts — the Chinese girl oxford we know will really speak to the girls.

Language skills and critical literacy, meanwhile, are practised by examining a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts. A popular and academically successful subject, A Level English takes students on a journey of discovery and self-realisation that provides the ideal platform for University study across a wide range of Humanities subjects. We follow the OCR syllabus, which affords each teacher the freedom to share their passion for the subject and engage in rich, seminar-style discussion.

Students also benefit from the opportunity to submit two pieces of coursework, including the option of a creative response to their chosen texts. Students celebrate their passion for English in a myriad of ways. Others still the Junior or Senior Debating teams, -up for book group, compose poetry in creative writing club or attend talks by visiting academics and authors.

With issues such as migration, human development and climate change dominating the political agenda, there Chinese girl oxford never been a more important time to study Geography. A roomful of geographers will be confident analysing case studies and data, producing strong written arguments and offering new ideas. Local fieldwork experience provides a vital part of this process and the girls can be found in Summertown, at the Henley River and Rowing Museum or at Rushall Organic Farm investigating hypotheses and collecting their own fieldwork data!

The AQA course is issues based and has a thematic approach, deed to develop an appreciation of the physical and human processes that shape our environment. Key themes include environmental hazards, climate change, glaciers, rivers, rainforests, deserts, urban challenges and development and resource management.

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There is no coursework, but fieldwork is a vital component where students will learn to undertake a geographical Chinese girl oxford. There is also the opportunity to take part in our popular biennial trip to Iceland for students in Years At A Level, we follow the AQA course as this helps students develop a sensitive awareness of the environment whilst complementing any combination of A Level subjects to the benefit of the whole student. Units include physical cycles, changing places, population and the environment, hazards, global systems and governance.

Older students can be found attending monthly Geographical Association lectures by eminent local academics, running the ever-popular KS3 Geography Club and entering University essay writing competitions. The study of History enables students to understand the origins of ideas and institutions and to appreciate the ificance of individuals and groups of people who have helped shape our world.

Along with developing invaluable and wide-ranging skills, the subject encourages students to relish the stories of the past and to develop views of their own about events and individuals both famous and lesser known.

Chinese girl oxford

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