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Is the Horizon Academy in Columbus Cheating? Tagged in these Policy Areas: K Education. The IO finding follow on the heels of recent news stories in which former students and parents allege that test and attendance scores were tampered with at the Horizon Academy in Dayton.

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As a result of those stories, IO looked at the four Horizon schools in Ohio that operate up to Grade 12 and compared the scores those students received on the state Performance Index with the scores those same students received on the ACT college entrance exam. Performance Index tests are administered by the schools themselves, while ACT tests are administered by an independent testing company.

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For most schools and school districts — including 3 of the 4 Horizon schools — ACT and state Performance Index scores are closely correlated. That is not the case at Horizon Columbus, however. Yet Horizon Columbus students somehow managed to achieve a higher Performance Index score than Ohio school districts. The extent of the discrepancy at Horizon Columbus is dramatic.

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Columbus City schools, for example, also had an average ACT score of But their Performance Index score, at the height of the data manipulation scandal, was What makes it even more suspicious is that one test — the ACT — is independently administered, while state Performance Index tests are administered by schools themselves; in this case, by Horizon Columbus personnel. When it came to exposing data manipulation in Columbus city schools, Mr.

Yost was a tiger. If similar wrong-doing has occurred at charter schools like Horizon Columbus, we hope he will not be a pussy cat. Stay informed about key issues and bills.

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Up. We monitor Ohio politicians so you can hold your lawmakers able. Support Our Work.

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